“A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests and goals.”

I love community. It is who you are and who your family becomes. It is the heartbeat of places across the country. In Chatham and Orange counties, it is a place where progressive thoughts and leadership prevail. It is a place of selfless acts to benefit all people for the greater good of everyone. The goal of community is to love one another and help everyone reach their highest goals and to be their best reflection for themselves, their family and their community.

Jay’s Chicken Shack, Hillsborough NC

With these core values above, I have always deemed community a vital part of my life. I raised three children in Chatham County teaching them to respect and love their fellows peers, embrace diversity, treat everyone with kindness and compassion, have enough fortitude to stand up for what is right, to protect themselves, to have discipline, to become educated, to pursue their dreams and to work hard.

Community is about giving back using your God given talents to help others.

Upon my arrival in Siler City,  I immediately infused myself within the community. I established a local church for my family. I joined various civic groups such as Rotary International and Ruritan. I served on various boards for banks and schools. I participated in men’s athletics in the community, such as basketball and softball. I attended and participated in many fundraisers for the local hospital and schools. As my children became older and participated in athletics, I coached numerous young ladies in recreation basketball. During this time, I also coached middle school football. After my children left high school, I became an assistant football coach at Jordan Matthews High School.

American Hero, Hillsborough NC

Community is about giving back using your God given talents to help others. While coaching young men and women, I strived to teach them discipline, sacrifice of self for the benefit of team, working hard to achieve goals, developing camaraderie, love for one another and to win! However there is always a loser in an athletic event, so it was equally important to teach them not necessarily to accept defeat, but to show class, respect your opponent and have the fortitude to say “good game,” learn from your mistakes, and do better next time. It was important to show them how to handle adversity and never give up!

As a judge, I see an opportunity to serve using the same principles above to achieve various goals to make our community the best place to live in North Carolina! I pledge these things for our community:

  • To continue awareness, address and eliminate systemic racism
  • To help those with mental illness, both young and old, with services rather than incarceration
  • To help the poor and not criminalize poverty, but provide opportunities and services to overcome
  • To eliminate domesic violence and make homes safe for partners and children
  • To protect the people when dangers present themselves
  • To help people manage their lives by making decisions that are fair and just considering the circumstances
  • To establish safe and functional homes for children of divorce
  • To help children find a better way that come from horrible beginnings and give them hope
  • To resolve controversies between people over money
  • To provide the community with answers to questions about the judiciary
  • To be available to serve the community where needed for others
  • To strive each day to give my all for Chatham and Orange counties as your “Judge!”

I have been in this community for over 30 years and will never leave it! I am humbled and honored to serve you and ask for your continued support to help me achieve our goals.

Big Bob’s, Hillsborough NC
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